How to install Apache Web Server on Windows 10

In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to install apache server on Windows 10 operating system. The first thing we are going to do is to download apache server. Open up a web browser in Google search box, type apache server we will see the first result here is we can visit the page we will use version 2.4.27 This is the latest version of the stable release when this video was created click to download from here click files for Microsoft Windows we can use binaries from apache haus or binaries from apache lounge at this time, we will use binaries of the apache server from apache lounge click apache lounge okay go down here you can download 64bit or 32bit of the zip file corresponding to the operating system that you have to check what kind of the system that you have, you can right click on the window’s icon and click on system in this window, you can see information which type of your system my mine is 64bit.



So i am going to download the 64bit version of the Apache server click the link to download these binaries require C++ redistributable Visual Studio 2017 so, we have to install it. We can download visual c++ redistributable from here for 64bit system or from here for 32bit system my mine is 64bit. so, click vc_redist_x64 after its downloaded, go to download location we will install visual c++ redistributable first double click on it check i agree, and click install click yes okay, now right click on apache zip file and click extract here okay now we have apache24 folder copy this folder to C drive now we will add path to system environment variable right click on This PC click properties click advanced system settings on the advanced tab, click environment variables in system variables, find path and click edit click new and click browse go to C drive apache24 folder and select bin folder okay we will install apache as a windows service open command prompt okay right click on the app and run as administrator click yes okay, and type httpd -k install hit enter okay, we can allow access okay we will check apache service click on windows icon and type services okay, open the app okay, find service with name apache24 okay, this we can start apache server right click on it and click start okay, status is running we can test with browser open browser and navigate to http://localhost and hit enter okay it works thanks for watching