How to Start a WordPress Site in Less than 10 Minutes (Step by Step)

First thing we’re going to look at is how to get a hosting account. I’ll walk you through the whole setting up the hosting account we’re going to use BlueHost for this. BlueHost is one the hosting providers that we recommend to our visitors so I’m gonna walk you through how to set that up with them.


Under products you can see many of the shared hosting or the WordPress hosting and just want to compare which one is best for you. If you look down below or somewhere on this page you will see a WPBeginner coupon that you use to get started. You have your domain name already picked out that you’ve bought from GoDaddy or something you can put that in here. I’m gonna walk you through how to set it up with a brand new domain. Going to try and see if that one’s available how to start a WordPress site. Great, so then you have to enter the information all your account information here and then also need to fill out the billing information so while I do that I’m just gonna go ahead and pause this until I get done with that. Okay, so I submitted my billing and credit card information and now here we are and they say congratulations.


They likely have some inital or specials to offer you. Just say no thanks here. Here now we need to create a password and confirm that you’ve read and agree to their terms so let’s see if we can come up with a password. So now you’ve set up a hosting account with Bluehost we’ll scroll down and I’m looking for this area. So from here we’ll just click install. This is talking about if you want to do it yourself you can do it or you can have them do it and they’ll charge you to set it all up. So we’ll do it ourselves. Click Install here. From here you wanna tell them where to install it, here’s the drop down. I want to install it without the WWW and I want to install it in my main directory so I’m not gonna fill anything out here.


Check make sure everything looks ok and now it’s saying you need to say yes to the terms and I’ll show you what the advanced options say. With the advanced options that will show you what your site name is in your admin username and the admin password that’s what it will assign for you so that’s what the advanced options are. Let’s go ahead and click install now. It’ll tell you that information later so you don’t have to worry about that right now. So now it’s going through the install process and while it’s going through that it’s going to show you a few things as you can see here’s a status progress there and while you’re waiting it show you some ways that you can maybe buy a WordPress theme or a template we are not going to do that.


I’ll show you how you can find a very decent looking free theme you could use. So now that the install is complete we’ll go ahead and look at everything, scroll down and want to view everything. This is where the information is on how to access our website. As you see you want to bookmark these, the admin url will be the same for everybody it’s your /wp-admin and then this is the front end web site I’m gonna show you what it looks like now that it’s WordPress has been installed. So this is what it looks like, they’ve given us a coming soon page while we are setting up our site and when you access your site they’ll give you a way to access it directly.


Again, you can either type in wp-login.php or just wp-admin and it will bring you to the same page. Your username and password is what they gave you here so you’ll want to copy that somewhere save it for safekeeping. So I’m going to login and show you a few things. All right, and this is the back and now certain hosting companies have partnered with third-party marketplaces and that’s why you’re seeing this here. It’s kinda like when you get a new computer and the computer already has a lot of advertisements or games installed. I’m going to click on no thanks because we’re gonna set it up ourselves.


So we’re going to do a little bit of clean up now that we have a site lets do a little bit of cleanup here. So the first thing I want to do is I’m gonna go to plugins and I want to remove some of this stuff because I just don’t want it. Akismet is actually decent plugin that you want to keep and you want to look at setting it up.


That keeps spam from coming to your site, hello dolly is an old plugin to just show you what a pluign can do. The Mojo marketplace is what you’re seeing here with all the let us do everything for you so let me remove these three. To remove them if they’re activated we need to first deactivate them, apply. Then click on inactive, highlight all of them and we can delete them and it’s gonna ask do you want to you know, remove all the data and the files associated with these plugins, lets click yes So now that we removed everything there’s it’s cleaned it up a little bit over here there’s not as many things to look at or worry about.


And what we have right now also removed since we removed the Mojo thing it also removed the coming page so we probably have, yep, we have the default 2015 theme installed and that is our site right now. So one of the things you can do is go in and let’s start looking at a couple of themes. By default they’ll keep the last few free themes that come along with WordPress, you’ll have those.


But we can add a new one I just want to show you how easy it is to go out and find a free theme to install on your website. And all the themes from here are in the WordPress repository and they means that they have been reviewed. Their code quality and whatnot has all been reviewed and it has passed and these are free in here. So you can scroll through here you can get lost actually scrolling through and looking at all the themes that are out there and picking one that is perfect for your site or for your business.


You can also do feature filter, if you know kind of how you want your layout to be then use the feature filter to kind of reduce the number of themes that you’re looking for. Say you already know that you want a predominantly blue colored theme, if you want a responsive layout that means that it works on tablets, smartphones, as well as desktops, if you want, if you know what the column you know if you want a left sidebar or right sidebar. A lot of websites do the right sidebar so I’ll show you that’s what that looks like and then you can look under the features if there are certain features that you know you want say you want a big custom header, big custom logo up there you can pick that or if you want a custom background or if you want featured images for your site, you know.


Those are the things you can pair down and look at but, I’m just going to keep these items, apply, and we’re going to apply those features and then this is what comes back. See if there’s one that catches your eye, you can take a look at it, and you can do a live preview first before installing it. And this is going to go through it’s gonna show you what the website would look like. So we got a blog area it would be definitely some tweaking that you want to do but, if you like the overall view, you can click install there. I’m gonna click back and keep looking. And this one I like so I’m going to go ahead install it. You can do the same, again this is a personal preference area but there’s so many free themes out there that you can go in and look at and add to your site so right now we have this one it’s active. And to show you what it looks like, with just the bare bones I’m going to go back to my site and click refresh and so with that we have now installed WordPress on our site, we’ve added a new theme, and you can customize it however you want and move forward.


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