iPhone 11 vs iPhone 11 Pro: Which Device is Right for You?

Hey friends! We’ll highlight all the features and differences of the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro. So, you’re thinking of upgrading your iPhone, but should you go iPhone 11 or 11 Pro? Let’s walk through some of the standout features of each device to help you decide. First let’s talk the physicality of the devices. If color is important to you, there are some differences in options right off the bat. The iPhone 11 comes in 6 different color options: purple, yellow, green, black, white, and red. The iPhone 11 Pro on the other hand comes in 4 options: a sleek new midnight green, space grey, silver, and gold. Something to keep in mind here – if you want to find a case to match any of the iPhone 11 Pro colors, you’re out of luck – at least for now. You’d have to get a clear case to see the color options. Apple doesn’t even sell matching color cases, which seems like such a missed opportunity to me.


Anyway, let’s talk build materials. The materials used also differ between these two devices. The iPhone 11 is made from aluminum and glass, while the iPhone 11 Pro is made from stainless steel and glass. Both devices are supposed to be Apple’s toughest devices yet. You’ll notice the 11 has a glossy finish, while the Pro has a matte finish – it feels really good in your hands by the way – without a case of course. The devices are also close in weight, with the 11 weighing in at 6.84oz and the Pro coming in at 6.63oz. Now let’s talk display and screen size. The size of the screens was a big factor for me. Tiny hands, anyone? The 11 actually has a bigger screen than the Pro, at 6.1”, while the Pro is 5.8”.


I know this doesn’t seem like a big deal, but for comfort in my hand – and pocket- it’s huge. I prefer the 5.8”. So really think about comfort in your hand on this one. The display specs are different too. The 11 features a Liquid Retina HD LCD display at 1792 x 828p with 326 pixels per inch, while the Pro boasts a Super Retina XDR OLED display at 2436 x 1125p with 458 pixels per inch. To be frank, both of these displays are amazing, and most people, for everyday use of their phones, wouldn’t notice much of a difference. However, if you’re into movies, and photography, you’re eye will pick up these differences in color and vibrancy.


Now onto another big differentiator between these devices: the camera system. I’ll skip the front facing camera as they both offer the same specs across these models but you’ll notice right away that the iPhone 11 has two cameras on the back and the iPhone 11 Pro has 3. Here’s how they breakdown. The 11 has a Wide and Ultra Wide lens. While the Pro has both of those and an added telephoto lens. Super Slick. Both devices offer the same 12 megapixels, have the ability to shoot 4K 60p video, and snap sweet portraits in portrait mode, but the telephoto could come in handy for moments when you really need to zoom in past 2x digital zoom on a subject from your vantage point.


Next up is the battery life of the devices. Apple says the 11 will last all day, and that you can watch up to 17 hours of video content. The Pro has 4 times the battery life of the Xs, and Apple claims you can watch up to 18 hours of video, an extra hour. Water resistance is another feature worth mentioning. The 11 will hold up under 2 meters of water for about 30 minutes, while the Pro will double the meter depth to 4, also at 30 minutes of submersion. This is key should you drop either device into a pool or – heaven forbid everybody’s worst phone nightmare – the toilet. Moving on, storage capacity is another area where these phones differ. The 11 offers storage in 64GB, 128, and 256GB.


These are all very good options. The Pro offers storage starting at 64GB, then jumps to 256, rounding out at a whopping 512GB. Obviously storage like this is way more than the average consumer would need. However, if you’re a prosumer that’s heavy on storage, the options of a Pro could be up your alley. Lastly, prices differ too of course. Right behind the camera options, I’d say price is up there in importance. The 11 ranges from $699 to $849, whereas the Pro ranges in price from $999 to $1349. Huge difference in price here. So, to recap: the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro are nearly identical devices with a few key differences:the screen size, display, telephoto lens, that very slight extra hour of battery life, and price. Both phones are great options. In the end, I decided to go with the iPhone 11 Pro solely based on the fact that I’m using it as a second camera on video shoots. So, think really heavy video use and storage needs. I am putting this phone to work. This is what I mean by a prosumer usage. If I wasn’t using the device as a second camera, and was simply upgrading my old iPhone, I would have gone with the iPhone 11.


This is really about thinking how you’re going to use the device, since they are so much more than just phones. And now I want to hear from you. What do you guys think about the 11 and the 11 Pro? Which one would you go with? What are your favorite features and why? Let everyone know in the comments below. As always, you can click right about here for more content, or here to subscribe to my channel. Thanks for watching and see ya next time..



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