The New Apple AirPods Pro

  Improved sound. AirPods Pro uses a wide-amplitude, low-distortion driver that delivers excellent low frequencies. The new high-performance amplifier has a wide dynamic range. This ensures clear and crisp sound. In addition, AirPods Pro delivers superior sound quality with an adaptive equalizer that automatically adjusts the mid and low frequencies to suit the user’s ear … Read more

Google Wifi Mesh Router Review – An Awesome Router!

This is Google Wi-Fi. It claims to be a smart and simple mesh Wi-Fi system. Basically if you have Wi-Fi problems, Google Wi-Fi should be able to fix it. These have been out for almost two years but are they still great? I’m Titus. This is The Search For Awesome. And this is my Google … Read more

Microsoft Security Essentials – Free AntiVirus for Windows

If you are like almost everybody else, and you’re reading this article, then you have a computer and use it on the Internet. In using your computer on the Internet you expose yourself to viruses, spyware, and other malware. This malicious software intends to infect your computer to steal your personal information, try to sell … Read more

iPhone 11 vs iPhone 11 Pro: Which Device is Right for You?

Hey friends! We’ll highlight all the features and differences of the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro. So, you’re thinking of upgrading your iPhone, but should you go iPhone 11 or 11 Pro? Let’s walk through some of the standout features of each device to help you decide. First let’s talk the physicality of the … Read more