How to Start a WordPress Site in Less than 10 Minutes (Step by Step)

First thing we’re going to look at is how to get a hosting account. I’ll walk you through the whole setting up the hosting account we’re going to use BlueHost for this. BlueHost is one the hosting providers that we recommend to our visitors so I’m gonna walk you through how to set that up … Read more

Automatic css switching

Today i’ve managed to create an automatic css switcher that switches css files during day and night. With this method its easy to manage 2 templates: one to use during the morning and day (think of an white template), and one during the evening and night (think of an “easy on the eyes” dark template). … Read more

Manual css switching (with cookies)

In the last article i was talking about manual css switching. I got it ready by now, it didnt took too long. The part that took the most time was figuring out how to use javascript cookies, so that it will remember your stylesheet preference. If no style is set it will use style.css instead … Read more

Fix For Installing Zune Software

Sorry that i havent replied to most of you people, but i already got the software installation problem fixed over 4 weeks ago. I totally forgot about all you guys out there, but no fear, i got the solution. It is caused since its looking for the groups USERS and INTERACTIVE. And guess what? On … Read more